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Anvil Capital's mission is to shape small businesses to maximize their growth and earnings potential.

We achieve our mission by applying sophisticated middle-market techniques in strategy, operations and finance to micro-market companies. Anvil Capital works closely with its portfolio companies to establish the necessary infrastructure and resources to support the growth and strategic directives of the business. Our active involvement as a value-added partner includes the following initiatives:

  • Developing and Implementing Strategic Plans

    We work closely with management to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for the near future as well as the long term. Anvil Capital then focuses its resources on successfully executing this plan to create value for all stakeholders.

  • Establishing Infrastructure

    Anvil Capital establishes the necessary infrastructure to allow a company to evolve from a micro-market to a middle-market business. Based upon our operating expertise, we develop the optimal management team for each portfolio company. In addition, Anvil Capital ensures that the appropriate reporting systems are in place to monitor and manage growth.

  • Aligning Interests of All Stakeholders

    We believe in aligning the interest of all stakeholders. Management is provided with significant incentives for achieving the strategic plan. Former owners are often holders of meaningful equity, enabling them to share in the further creation of value.

  • Identifying and Structuring Acquisitions

    We actively seek growth by acquisition, as consolidation strategies can create substantial value. Anvil Capital has significant experience identifying and structuring acquisitions. In addition, we understand the importance of executing the post-acquisition integration.

  • Implementing Appropriate Capital Structure

    Anvil Capital has extensive contacts within the financial community. We arrange the necessary financing, which may include both senior and mezzanine debt providers. Anvil Capital ensures that the capital structure comfortably supports the growth of the business.

  • Maximizing Exit Value

    We position our portfolio companies for the most favorable exit scenarios. Anvil Capital has extensive experience with executing both public and private exits.